Dress Code


  1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Coffee Colour Trouser, Lemon Colour Shirt, Black Shoes. Black Colour Blazor Or Sweater/ Pull Over In Winter.
  2. Tuesday, Saturday, During Teaching Practice & Function. White Pent With White Shirt.
  3. Thursday - Formal Dress.


  1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday And During Teaching Practice & Any Function, Extension Lecture , NCTE / KUK Team Visit. Carrot Colour (all Over) Suit (salwar Or Pajami As Per Student Choice) And Matching Chunni Or Saree. Plain Black Pullover/ Coat/ Cardigan In Winter
  2. Tuesday, Saturday, White Salwar With Lemon Kamij, Plain Black Pullover/ Coat/ Cardigan In Winter
  3. Thursday Formal Dress , To Maintain Decorum Of College, Students Have To Follow Proper Dress Code And To, Wear I.d. Cards In The College Campus.

A Fine Of Rs. 10/- Per Day Will Be Imposed For Student Who Will Not Be In Dress.