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Welcome to Arya College of Education

Library of Books and Journals

Sr.noList of JournalPublisher
1 Journalof the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology Indian Academy of applied psychology
2 Psycho Lingua  Psycho Linguistics Association of India
3 Indian Journal of Psychometry& Education  Indian Psychometry& Educational Research Association
4 Prachi Journal of Psycho- Cultural Dimensions Prachi cultural Research Association
5 Behavioural Scientist Council of Behavioural Scientists
6 Disabilities and Impairments an inter disciplinary Research Journal Disabilities and Impairments an inter disciplinary Research Journal Arshat Publication
7 Bombay Psychologist Bombay Psychologist Association
8 School Science NCERT
9 Indian Educational Review NCERT
10 Indian Journal of Teacher Education NCTE
11 Teacher Support NCTE
12 Indian Education Abstracts NCERT
13 The Primary Teacher NCERT
14 Journal of value education NCERT
15 MaaOmwati (Journal of educational Research Development) Mr. Parvesh Gupta
16 Brics Journal of educational Research MMU
17 JIAAP Journal of Indian Academy of applied Psychology
18 Journal of Indian Education NCERT
19 izkFkfedf”k{kd NCERT
20 f”k{kkfe= HIBS
21 Hkkjrh; vk/kqfud NCERT
22 Demand & Supply Estimates of School Teachers & Teacher Education NCTE
23 Mewar Vision Ksenterprises
24 Evaluation in Elementary Teacher Education NCTE
25 Education Plus  
26 Journal of educational technology & Research  
27 Education for all  
28 Education care  
29 Education and Society  
30 Education world  
31 Naac news  

International Journal

1 JournalSpecial Education International NCERT
2 Education Today APH publishing corporation 

List of Manual

1 Practical Manual Man Singh
2 National Curriculum Frame work for Teacher Education NCTE


  1. Pratiyogita Darpan
  2. Competition Success Review
  3. India Today
  4. Lawyers updates
  5. Webmirchi
  6. Kurukshetra Sandesh
  7. Paropkari
  8. Success Morror
  9. Pratiyogita Darpan


  1. DainikBhaskar
  2. DainikJagran
  3. Aaj Samaj
  4. Hindustan Times
  5. The Tribune
  6. Punjab Kesari